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    Please can anyone advise me as I’ve been asked to complete a Early help request form as I am a the sole parent of my 3 year old daughter and my ex husband drops in and out of her life he uses her as a pawn and to try to bully and intimidate me he doesn’t always contact me to let me know she’s ok she has additional issues stemming from the cleft with sleep, hearing and speech and I’ve had to remove her from his care at times. I’ve had the police and got legal advice but I haven’t got enough for legal aid or the money to fight it and have been advised if I complete this and he summands me to court this will help my case. we’ve been separated since february last year and he was abusive to me throughoout my pregnancy and when our daughter was born he is the army so they have lost the reports and evidence of these incidents. ( i say that loosely)
    These are the question’s
    Reasons for Seeking Support & Overview
    Please provide an outline of the reasons for requesting support and the nature of the support requested by answering all three of the following questions:
    What kind of support is being requested for the child/family?
    Who is worried about the child / family? What are they worried about and why?
    What are the family strengths? What is working well?
    Suggested Outcome
    Please identify the desired outcome of the support requested, and identify any changes that the family want or need to achieve. Please be as specific as you can about what a successful outcome would look like to each family member.

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    its hard as early help in my area doesn’t offer any protective behaviours support workshops for under 5s

    explain the emotional and psychological effects on his dropping in and out, outline the controllingnature


    Just be strong and honest

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