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    i am a single parent and there is court order in place for contact which is not working well so have tried to resolve between ourselves but it not possible salt


    I have now realized it must be affecting the children as they won’t speak to me when they are with their dad and partner an I am struggling a I can’t ring him I’m not allowed and he won’t read any emails I send

    so I bought the kid phones and they were not allowed to take them when went away this weekend with their  dad and partner

    i haven’t seen them or spoke to them in two weeks and one more to go and asked their dad can I speak to them to be told they don’t want to speak to me

    today they back off their trip and they have access to their phones and said they didn’t want to talk to me as they were busy

    they are 10’and 9 I think it is my fault as they know I don’t like their dad and partner as he left us for her


    I need to stop this as making my kids upset


    help how can I turn this back to not affecting kids

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    I’m sorry you are feeling like this

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    My son (11) doesn’t call me when he is at his dad’s, and when he is with me, he doesn’t ring his dad. It isn’t a conscious decision I don’t think, it’s more that he’s happy doing kid stuff and if he needs anything he asks his dad.

    I wasn’t comfortable with this because his dad can occasionally be spectacularly foolish, leaving my son in difficult situations. I put a luggage tag on my son’s bag which has my mobile number on it.  Son knows if he’s not happy with something, he can ring me.

    They are away for 18 days and it’s tough, but I have learned to let them get on with it. Try to fill your days with things you can’t normally do 💐

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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