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    Hi there,

    Has anyone got any advice on dealing with collaborative law in regards to sorting out finances?

    Sadly I could not sit down with my ex with a mediator as unfortunately I have lost any trust I had for him as he has treated me with so little respect since he has been with his new gf.

    I have to say I feel very vulnerable and pretty scared that I even have to sit in a room with him but as neither of us want to end up in court this seems the best way forward – I hope!

    We both took the traditional roles in our marriage I was a SAHM and he provided financially. I’m feeling very nervous and completely exposed as I have no idea what the outcome will be for me and the kids.

    Any advice would be very appreciated .




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    Liane 245

    Urggggh finances.

    Citizens advice are good but its something your better off doing alone. If you have all the paperwork then they sort it all out for you.

    Be clear in your appointment.

    Write down everything you want them to help you with.

    Good luck

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    Yep exactly ☹️

    I’ve got a solicitor so hopefully she’ll help and sadly I don’t have access to all our finances so I unfortunately I have to deal with my ex ☹️

    Never ever putting myself in this position again



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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