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    I was with my partner 6 years and have a 4 year old already with him, we split Christmas Eve 2020 and have a newborn on the way! Currently due in august, he very much thinks he is entitled to taking the newborn away from me the second it’s born for his 2-3 hours with her. I have asked him to visit the baby within the home for the first month and then I’d allow 2 hours for him to take her to his mums where he is living and he says he don’t feel comfortable and doesn’t want to confuse our 4 year old by coming back into the family home and saying he will take me to court if I don’t let him or stop him from seeing the baby. I’d never stop him from seeing the kids, he has our 4 year old weekly for a dinner date and has her one night every weekend as he couldn’t do the every other weekend because he missed her which I think was quite nice so we made it work. I just feel like I’m being bullied to giving up my newborn straight away because I don’t want to go through the court system or contact centres. Am I being unreasonable?

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    Hi, no you are not been unreasonable at all and if I were you I would sit back and let him take you to court as Infact the court would be totally on your side. You have promoted contact and promoted him coming to your home. I don’t agree with taking a newborn away from his/her mother they need you and your all they know your smell, feel,heartbeat and are you planning on breastfeeding?

    stick to your guns and do not let him or his mother bully you into something you are not comfortable with you have just carried this child for 9 months and birthed so you have every right to say what you are saying.

    if you wana chat I’m here x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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