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    Hi All,

    My ex and I both have equal shared custody of our 2 children. At the start of lockdown he and his new partner tried to stop me having my 2 children saying my kids had to stay in 1 place. Now one of our children aged 14 has been told to self isolate as a child at his school has tested positive. My son is displaying no symptoms, yet my ex and his partner are now saying he can not stay with me for my agreed 7 days. Yet my 6 year old daughter can come and stay with me from Wednesday and they want my son to stay with their other 5 children all of which go to different schools and one is classed as vulnerable.

    The ex travels around the country with his job, visiting different clients and his partner works at a gym and both are happy to go to work and let their kids go to school but won’t let my son come to my house.

    Please help I cant stop crying

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    As you know they are completely in the wrong, me and my ex share the kids 50:50 and this is important to them. I hear covid being used by so many exes as a reason to have the kids permanently and this just isn’t acceptable. You have to be strong and insist on your right to equal access. I hate to say it but you may need leg support.



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    is it possible this is what they have been told through the schools test and trace team? We had to get tests for one of my sons and were told we had to self issolate and the kids shouldn’t see their dad while waiting (I couldn’t go to work, boys couldn’t go to school etc etc)

    I’m fortunate we have a good relationship and he understood and I took them over as soon as the results came back negative.

    unfortunately, a lot of parents have used covid as an excuse and it is so selfish and wrong (and sounds like their behaviour was poor at beginning of lockdown) but at the moment they may be right 🙁 could you arrange to have your son as soon as the isolation period is over (14days from when the school notified them or after a negative test result) and possibly have additional time with him?

    I hope really hope your ok xxx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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