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    i am absolutely raging. I received a letter from child maintenance service saying that they are going to write off the £12,000 debt my ex owes in child maintenance ( he has never paid a penny🤬) to me he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it and feel deflated as CSA should of never allowed him to not pay a penny in nearly 16 years. Is there anything I can do? He has his own business and owns his own house. I have struggled all these years working my backside off to provide for my son and he has done nothing.

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    Hi Morgan78,

    I feel your pain and raise your £12k to £19k 😖I got the write off letter from them today.  My situation sounds similar to yours.. a s/e wealthy ex who has paid nothing! for his two children since 2007 and the CSA have been complicit in letting him do it.  Did you write to them and say you were not

    ” content” (how can they even use that word in a letter suggesting their failings to collect arrears make us content? 🤯)with the write off?  I sent my strongly worded reply back today… but am wondering to what effect.

    Any update on what has happened post write off letter.. most appreciated.



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    Hi as far as I am aware they looking into this again but I am not hopeful. They need to enforce child support like they do in the states in the U.K. too many men get away with walking away

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    Same letter arrived today, £34k of debt to be written off, only 2 payments ever collected in 16 years!

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