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    I am a single dad with full-time residency of our son since 2016, my ex-partner did not pay any maintenance for 7 months running up areas of £1300, due to my ex-objecting to CMS being involved I agreed to go to a family-based arrangement, I was sent a letter from CMS asking if I agreed to the areas being written off, to which I said I was not. Having to take my ex to Financial Court with regards to sorting out our debts & pensions, my ex-produced a letter from CMS saying that I had agreed to write off the areas which I did not agree to.

    I contacted CMS & they are saying that I have run out time to have my case looked at again & they are unwilling to correct anything with my case.

    Another issue with CMS is that when first applying for CMS back in 2016, I was informed that my ex-was claiming state benefits from October 2016 to December 2016, yet after requesting bank statements through the court the bank statements show that my ex-was actually receiving an income from her new employer, the CMS again are saying that they are unwilling to look at my case again as I have gone past the time limit.

    My ex is a teacher who works in Inner London & before our separation was earning £3,200 per month, the CMS payments calculations from December 2016 to February 2017 changed 4 times reducing each time,when I asked CMS why this was they said that my ex-had sent in information saying that her income had reduced to £1,500 per month, having seen my ex’s bank statements they show that her income had never dropped below £2,400 per month.

    I work 25 hours a week on a zero contract earning anything between £98 to £135 per week, after the battle with residency, divorce & CMS I am now at a point of feeling there is no hope of getting to the truth & getting my ex to pay the proper amount towards our son, could I please ask anyone for advice I have been to see my local MP with no success.


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    First of all thank you for this site. I didn’t realise how many people have struggled with situation is the same I’ve a six month old daughter.her father doesn’t want any involvement due to new relationship.we had agreement to sort payments.i received I applied for cms. I was told I needed proof he wasn’t going to I messaged him. He messaged back no not getting a penny.then all the abuse came from his new partner. I phoned cms and paid £40 pounds to have all messages copied. Hes self employed, but works for a employer. But cms can’t do anything cause they go of hmrc I received a phone call from cms saying he’s claiming benefits now.i explained he wasn’t I told them I had him followed he’s still working. Unless I pay for a private detective to follow and photograph every thing he does they won’t do anything. I don’t know his employers details .and he’s saying nothing. The lady from cms was very abrupt. What do you want is to do.she then went on to say paying for private investigation was a waste of money. So I said oh I should just sit back and he gets away with frauding the system.i phoned them back has he agreed to set up direct pay.this as never been done.cms what is going on with them.they have given my ex more time to reply. Time after time. Hes give them more excuses.i don’t know this can’t be mime,he wants DNA  I agreed he didn’t arrange one. I offered to pay.cms said I couldn’t do that.hes objected to take DNA. Are cms totally oblivious what’s going on under their nose

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    Pamelabamber This is the same for me. Cms totally useless and i hvent the foggiest why they strung me along. I cudnt have a DNA test doen to prove the man was babys dad and he is self employed but gets away with hiding his income. Shocking system. He started getting someone to txt and harrass me also cos he’s a loser but he has escaped any repsonsibility whatsover. I need to move on but hvent got the energu to even see if i can pick up the case again after months

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