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    I’ve just had my annual review and can’t actually get my head around the figures and how they are calculated. Based on my income I’m assessed to pay £42.09/week or £2193.65 year, so far so straightforward… However, their monthly payment schedule lists payments as Feb as £177.63 (previous amount) followed by 12 payments of £198.96. Simple maths tells me that if I am to pay £2193.65/year, then monthly payments should be in region of £182.80. However, if I make 12 payments of £198.96, then over the year that’s £2387.52.

    I called CMS to try and ask them how they work it out, and they were fairly useless at explaining (not too surprising given they can’t even print their phone number correctly on their letters). Just kept saying that as payments were made in arrears and calculated on a daily basis, though by arrears, they don’t mean am behind on payments, but made in retrospect (I think). They seem to have taken the old payment of £177.67, divided it by 11, and added that to the subsequent 12 monthly payments for some reason they couldn’t really explain.

    I don’t object to paying at all, I would just like to know how they come about the monthly figure as this makes no mathematical sense to me.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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