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    Hi everyone, I just want to get my story out there because I feel like I can’t be the only one. I see alot of websites and forums for parents receiving CMS but nothing for the people who have to pay it. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe everyone should pay for their children. But here’s my situation.


    My wife had an affair,for the past 16 months I have had my children from Saturday night through till Tuesday morning every week. She’s now decided to move my children to Kent against my will. She lives with her new partner who earns double to what I do. During this time she is dragging me through court for false domestic abuse claims, had me arrested last week for suspicion not assault. And today I found out my CMS payments have gone up an extra 223 pound because she has moved and I now only see them 3 times a month. They stop over mine twice a month. Each time tho I have to do a 324 mile round trip to drop them off. The 3rd time I see them I have to spend a day where they live, out side , from 9am till 6pm. All this while I’m struggling bro build a new home and life for myself and my kids when they visit. She works from home and has a second income from her new partner. Yet I’m the one being forced to pay for hew new lifestyle. She’s gone from living in the Midlands to a nice area in Kent. Big price difference. Yet not anywhere do i see the government trying to help me. Why should I have to go without and struggle so she can live her new happy life. I don’t know if anyone else is going through the same thing or if anybody has any ideas of where I can get help but I just wanted to put my voice out there.

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