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    Ok, so I know the ‘theory’ but the bit that baffles the crap out of me, and I require help with is the following wording.


    We’ve been given information that <ex-partner> has a gross weekly income of <xxxx.xx> This information was given to HMRC by <ex-partner>, their employer or accountant. This figure is from the tax year ending 2020.

    We’ve used this amount of gross weekly income to work out the child maintenance payments for the next 12 months from 18th April.

    So my question is this, if said ex partner was on the dole, and then got a job say 4 months ago…they’ve set up his CMS payments based on what he’s earning today, but what about the previous 4 months, where he would have been paying the minimum basic flat rate, but where he should have been paying what he’s paying now?

    How does that get squared up?

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