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    Hi, does anyone know if CMS are currently doing annual reviews or otherwise please?

    I ask, as for the last 5 yrs i have received a preliminary letter 3rd Aug, before recalculations for 23rd Aug,  then 2nd & final letter with statement.

    I haven’t received the first letter even as of today, having checked online & there is still no correspondence/messages neither.  Would rather not have to ring them if i can avoid it, but i also know ex wont contribute beyond August unless he receives a statement of payments from them. Thank you in advance of yr responses.

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    Hello. I have signed up especially because I am having issues with the annual review too.

    I got my annual review decision the other day, on time and on the online platform. I havent received anything in the post.

    My review states im getting NIL REWARD, despite him currently working. The CMS has worked for me fine up until now (deduction of earnings).

    I’ve since read that he could have just ‘verbally’ completed his review, aka no proof needed, due to this coronavirus situation.

    Obviously I’ve asked for a mandatory reconsideration because I know for a fact hes working. However you currently can’t phone the CMS to report stuff like this, its all oine atm. Total pain in the neck because they will take weeks to even get back to me (I assume?) By which time there will be months of missed payme to and the arrears will go up when (if?) they backdate it.

    I could barely sleep last night because I was angry about it. Either its an error on their calculation, or he has provided false info verbally which they have used for their calculation. I’m furious, and can’t  even contact them!

    If it helps, I went on the online platform on the actual day of my review and it was there as a ‘message’ to view as PDF. I usually hear from them beforehand to tell me my review is approaching but I didnt get anything and nothing showing on the message board.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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