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    I’m sure this is a frequently discussed topic. I’ve just joined and have seen past petitions. My baby daddy owns his own business and is fighting the maintenance payments – citing covid is hampering his business. I’m sure it is, but I’m unemployed (he was my last employer) and i’m borrowing or selling things to support our child.

    It’s  very distressing that CMS only take into account earned income and not assets (houses, cars, savings etc). If a couple was living together and struggling financially, they cold sell the car, downsize etc.



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    I would advise not to rely too much on your ex partner. because anything can happen in future. he may close down his business. maybe suffer poor health and not be able to pay maintenance. Are you receiving Universal Credit?

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    Yes i’m on UC. It’s a good point – I’m placing no guarantee on financial help from him, but it does feel very frustrating. I think it’s a power thing of sorts  –   he wants as much access as possible, but not to pay. I have been granted primary carer by the courts and have the live with order.



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    I went through CMC and they taking  his earnings information from HMRC. They have their way how they calculate £ for your children. It is little process and takes time,but they will review every year and any changes in contacts/nights you have to tell them. Basically more nights=less money for your children. And if he is on low limit then you get zero£


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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