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    Hi New to the forum

    my son has had issue since his mum and me separted he has anger/behaviour issues

    he moved school into a ESC which is near me.

    in July18 he wanted to move in with me and my partner and her 16 year old son, my son is 14

    my ex didnt like this but we agreed but i had reservations to the following: he goes to mums eve weds night and alternate tues then alternate weekends, this actually means he resides with me more than her.

    i asked about issues ie CMS i was then paying CB and doctors and dentists and all the normal things a parent would want to put in place

    she replied its only temp he will want to come back to me- well that is 8 months ago now

    i have activly encouraged Cahms and step 2 and family/parent mediation in the best interest of my son but continually my ex doesnt participate or puts it down and tells my son who then gets angry and doesnt enagage- he is now discharged from services as he didnt go or was not encouraged by my ex

    real question is-he resides with me 60% of time when i contacted CMS they said i could not put claim in as i wasnt in possesion of CB is this correct?

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