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    My ex has always been erratic with child maintenance payments, sometimes paying, sometimes not, changing payment date. It was an informal arrangement & never increased.

    In October 2017, I instructed the CMS. Over a 7 year period, he had missed 17 payments. He chooses to have no contact with our daughter.

    I have had no positives from involving the CMS. After initially saying he ought to pay whatvin effect was 3 times the original monthly amount, they have accepted his appeals and now say he has to pay £0 a month!! This is a guy who is the director of a company, lives in a 300k house and lives a lavish lifestyle. When I instructed the CMS, he gave up his job and went self employed. He is a financial advisor, so knows exactly how to avoid tax…and clearly child maintenance!

    i feel so frustrated. I work full time, get no tax credits to help with childcare costs and think he should contribute. He has appealed to CMS twice & they have revised their decision. I don’t get the opportunity to appeal it with them. I have been told I have a month to appeal to a tribunal hearing. This seems so stressful and entirely weighted in his favour.

    Can anyone advise? I feel really anxious about having to represent myself at a Panel hearing & can’t afford legal representation 😢.

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    CMS are absolutely crap. I cudnt get any payment it went in his favour. He doesnt want To know his baby, denied was his, called me all kinds sayin I’m obsessed with him n lying but gets off Scott free cos he self employed. Ffs CMS wake up n do ur job better rly annoyed me but I didn’t appeal but I really don’t like accepts g that they assume he is the parent but don’t think he’s earns more than 7quid a week. Urghhh!!


    Do what you have To but maybe you could get some legal and?

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    Thanks for your reply. I’ve phoned them again today. I got a bit upset & they said that although they won’t review my claim again & I will have to go to tribunal….they will look at his additional income & report him to taxman 🤞.

    i’m nervous about going to tribunal panel, but will do it. What I didn’t understand is if I have to put a new claim in each year….CMS worker says not 🤔 She says they will review each year upon anniversary of my first claim. Let’s see if that is actually the case….i’ve little confidence in them atm

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    To add to the fun CMS stories. I submitted a court order showing that my daughter now lives with me; yet they said I have to keep paying CMS until there legal team review the order for which it can take up to 12 weeks 🤦‍♂️🤪

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