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    Hi my little boy is 3.5 years . His father has been dragging me through the courts for his entire life. My son never wants to go he cried and tried to get back in the house. My ex is secretive he parks away from the house and never lets my son take anything from home. I have now made the change to walk him to the car and give him a little bag that he can take what he wants. My son goes 9-4 sat or Sunday and alternate Thursdays 10-2.30 he comes home ok for about 3 mins then clingy he hits me saying he likes it when I tell him it’s not nice and it’s unkind. he sleeps in my bed and wakes many times to hold my hand and have milk. he has come home saying I don’t love him when I ask where he got it from he says “dada says” we were playing in the garden after a visit to his fathers out of the blue he said “stop that or I’ll hit you…very hard and that I can promise you” I was absolutely shocked as only and adult would say a phrase like that his father has accused me of parental alienation and coaching our child to say these things which is ludicrous and help or comments gratefully received .

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