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    Hi there, are you experiencing difficulty with getting to grips with the new UC system.  It seems to be being rolled out without much information, I still don’t know if and when I will receive a payment…  It seems to be making life much harder, as if it isn’t hard enough being a lone parent…. hmmm. 


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    I see latest breaking news, Amber Rudd former home office head (who was sacked for not knowing that her civil servant delegates where making massive errors in office) IS now our new DWP Universal Credit Boss, hmmm don’t feel confident in that. 

    Also just read a very interesting article on the direct impact new UC is having on families, grimm reading. causing real hardship and anxiety health problems.  MSN news, Posted by May Bulman and Independent.  Dr Mandy Cheetham, Teeside University (Author) research. worth a read perhaps?

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    More difficult for new applications like in my case. I am about to rent a property first then apply UC. Now, all the letting agents doesnt want to entertain anyone on UC!! What to do now?

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    I am in receipt of Universal Credit, I only ever had universal credit, so cant compare with the other benefits.  Pleas share your story, really welcome your PM your story, as I am being interviewed on Monday, by a FT reporter regarding UC and single parents.

    You can ask for an emergency payment, to help, but you have to pay it back, so will reduce your monthly payment.

    I totally agree with anxiety with UC system, the fear of sanction. never knowing if they will change the amount. I feel I have to find a job any job, but then the fear I will actually get less income after paying the additional bills. I think the actual idea and what they tried to achieve was correct, but I truly believe UC benefits couple far more, and than single parents.

    April I think most renting agents don’t want people on benefits, they want to charge for credit checks and want working people with great credit score. I feel trapped in my accommodation, as its expensive, all good now because UC pay for it, but when I find a job I won’t be able to afford to stay, but also cant get on Housing list, yet my rent is still cheaper than if I was looking to rent now. I think it a big issue for single parents, but unfortunately homeless issues come first.




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    I was started on UC in March and to be honest the worst part is how it interacts with your life outside of the UC universe.

    For example if you have to work overtime or attend a training courses it’s not worth taking this as paid as I’ve often ended up in minus figures as a result. One-off or sporadic additional earnings will affect you massively but because of the assessment period, it doesn’t impact you until 5/6 weeks later, in my case, two months later in terms of pay. They’ve also now started passing on their figures to the local councils which then affect social your council tax reduction. The councils are not set up to check with you if these additional earnings are in fact the new norm or a one-off so assume that these are your new circumstances and penalise your council tax reduction as a result. I have been receiving altered council tax entitlements, bills and had my direct debit payments altered and moved multiple times over the last few months. I have lost sleep and called them in tears multiple times. They don’t understand it all either.

    Here’s and example:

    4 hour first aid course in August at my hourly wage of £10 per hour…£40 overtime.

    UC deduct 63p for every £1 you earn after the first £198 in an assessment period. That takes me down to about £15. I had to pay my childminder £50 (2 children at £5 per hour, per child…half hour either side of working hours to commute). UC pays 80% of that leaving me with 20% to pay out of what I’ve earnt which is £10. So I’m left with £5. Then a few weeks later my council gets notified and the upheaval from the council thinking my new monthly wage is £40 a month pretty much eradicates my remaining £5.

    The system works fine if you make a permanent change but not if you have variable hours or are required to work extra every now and then…OH and woe betide if you’re unfortunate to have varying paydays (I get paid the last Friday of the month so sometimes it looks like I’ve earnt double as they land in one assessment period).

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    I actually had the opportunity of an interview giving me 20 hours work, but the ravel would take the £200 monthly allowance, giving me 37p in the £1, worked out i would get extra £67 extra week, but would cost me £100 in council benefit, and school holiday i have to pay up front and claim 80% back the following month. So angry because I actually want to work at least part time, my job coach answer is to find a job closer.

    I would have  loved that example last week Skintasarus, as just had a interview with a FT reporter who is doing a write up.


    Good news I have look into my finance and very happy to say I now can afford to retire for the rest of my life, if I die on Tuesday.

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