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    so my ex has decided to stop a private child maintenance agreement after 6 months paying. This was set up after I contacted csa, as he didn’t want to go through them as he hasn’t filled a tax return ever and didn’t want to get caught out and owe a load of tax.
    he hasn’t worked for about 18 months and hasn’t claimed any benefits in that time.
    I do know when he was working he was paying tax through CIS. If I was to ask CSA to step in how would they calculate child maintenance?
    to be honest I’m in two minds if I should even bother?? He hasn’t seen his daughter  in almost a year and him stopping payments is so I let him have access without him having to contact mediation, which I asked for last April due to his abusive behaviour and sporadic contact. He’s basically expecting me to kick up a fuss that he’s not paying and thinking I can’t cope without his maintenance…..  little does he know, it went into her account and I haven’t touched it knowing this day would come! And it was put away for school uniforms, trips etc when those expenses days come.
    but on the other hand why shouldn’t he pay support? Why does he have the option to just walk away from contact, maintenance just because it’s not on his terms and she doesn’t fit with his lifestyle.

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