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    Healing Light

    Hi everyone,


    Am lone parenting as usual, no fam etc in the country for help. My chronic illness has regressed due to the pressure of not being able to rest since I went into isolation 32 days ago.

    I feel my patience is tied, exhaustion has hit an all time high. Mental health is getting worse. Really want my parents home but they can’t as there are no flights to UK.

    Need a few friends to talk to. Tia

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    How are you getting on?   That sounds tough.  And the isolation makes it harder.  I don’t have any support either and I was ok for the first couple of weeks but now the idea of teaching my son without a break, for half a term, in isolation, is pretty daunting. He’s 11 and not the most enthusiastic pupil.  I’m trying not to dwell on it too much.  Just deal with a day at a time.

    Do you talk to your parents regularly?   How old is your child?   I’ve found that a clear routine helps a bit, so is there something you can do each day that gives you a bit of respite.  A long soak in a warm bath with music, after little one is in bed?

    Is there anyone you can turn to for help here, someone to do shopping or just a friendly face (from a distance).  Can you join an online choir?  That’s cheered me up a bit.




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    Hi Tia

    I completely get you, It is pretty tough, l have an 11 and  a 5 year old, they get along most of the time but they do fight too and this can be exhausting, the age difference doesn’t help, but l’ve discovered that it helps a lot to have things planned out for them. The first two weeks l was keen to go through the work from the school website but that’s out the window now because my 5 year old is difficult to engage with anything from school. I follow her lead now and sometimes develop her plans further so she’s learning unaware.  I will be honest l am exhausted at the end of the each day, worse now because l have no help at all with my 5 year old with a chronic illness which is difficult to manage. We visit the hospital once a week and that adds to the worry and anxiety especially now. I’m happy to be a friend to chat and look after yourself .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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