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    Hi everyone

    So just out of interest how is everyone spending christmas?

    For me i am having a day with my son, no roast dinner no real difference to a normal day. First christmas in our own place so excited to decorate and see my sons face. Have bought my tree and lights and decorations this week taking it serious haha. The day itself though will go by like any other.

    The tv adverts make it look like everyone round the table and for most of us is isn’t like that at all. My first chirstmas not living with my mum she said go round there but i want my own day, not ungrateful but moved out now need to have my own things and time. Would be more depressing having to drive home about 7ish anyway to get my son to bed so am sticking to a day for me and him. Probs go for a drive or a walk (weather permitting). Do hope for snow would be nice





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    Why not make it into more of a special day?

    Why not cook a toast or even cheat with one that is prepared for you?

    You could invite your mum to your home, 😍 Bet she’d love that.

    I go all out. We do the best of all worlds. Do our own stuff at home and see family.

    Have a google to see if there are any Christingle services on Christmas Eve. They’re great fun and child centred. Ours finishes in time to come home, sprinkle reindeer food, have supper and get the mince pie and milk out for Santa!

    Stocking for little nicknacks and a few presents under the tree. Special breakfast. Playing toys. Prep lunch. Decorated table (poundshop is great). Christmas music. Lunch. After lunch walk. Movie and chocolate or more toys. Cheese and crackers…..


    Go on make it your very own special day and invite your mum!


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    Just me and my son too.

    He’ll open his stocking first thing. Then special breakfast for us both. Then he’ll probably play Nintendo while I get roast chicken on. Board games and film, phone calls, then lunch, then presents from tree. Then walk or cycle if the weather is ok. More  tv, games, lazing around. Then ham & salad for supper.

    I’ll open a bottle of fizz for me.  Big clear up of mess. New pjs for him & into bed. I’ll drink the remains of the bottle and listen to music or film, in front of fire.

    then he goes off to his dad’s on Boxing morning & I start the redecorating 😊

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    I sure will just hes a bit too young to fully understand and this is why the day in itself will take the same theme as others

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    Hi Kathy

    How old is your son? Mine is 1 so too young really to know much about it but I am going to decorate with stuff he will love. Just bought my first tree and got the decs and room decs so getting in the spirit. Wont be having a roast but will just take the day as it comes

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    Get your son a empty box, and some wrapping paper he will have awesome Christmas


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    Ur right there he will

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