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    Hi all, I’ve seen the Christmas topic here but would like to ask more in a non-monetary aspect of it:)

    What do you do with young babies (less than a year) alone at Christmas and New Year’s? I seem to have a high chance to be tet-a-tet with my then 8 months daughter and can’t figure it out. My family is abroad and might not come because of visa queues; I can’t travel because of my own paperwork in the next months; all hotels breaks in the UK are of course booked or a fortune.


    I never really liked Christmas breaks and preferred to work till 24th afternoon (we also don’t celebrate it on this date in my country so no family tradition, more the New Year’s eve) – but this year I’m occupied by it from Nov 1st! I’m dreading the thought of being locked inside, everything closed, everyone with families, local friends all gone away, alone with baby whom I very much love but who is not going to wrap a present for me or say a few wishes. It’s not even the day itself but the 2 months ahead – I feel like I will be depressed (instead of working, caring for daughter, having fun) for the rest of the time till Jan 2nd if I don’t have a plan made – just by the though of it.

    All of the articles online discuss either ‘Christmas with baby’ or ‘Christmas as a single parent’ (aka when your kids can talk, glue, draw, bake with you etc), but none does both. Has anyone done this & could share the tips? Thanks!


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    My baby’s first Christmas they were slightly younger. I loved it!

    I plan activities in Nov and Dec and get out and about as much as we can. Christmas fairs, lights etc, just soaking up the atmosphere really. With baby I did the same but with a pram to carry the flask of warm hot chocolate!  There’s so many events outside and in. Baby will love the lights and sparkle of it all!

    I would keep up your normal routine of baby activity groups etc. If you haven’t started any do so now! Libraries run baby groups for free as do children’s centres if near you.

    Though Christmas wouldn’t be this time for you, I’d say embrace it. Decorate earlier – not excessively if you don’t want to. Have little cute photo shoot sessions with baby at home! I adore my pictures still years later. Make keepsakes such as salt dough hand prints or painted prints.

    Start some of your own traditions.

    Its only really Christmas Day everything is closed, so you could if you don’t wish to celebrate on 25th have free run of wherever you want to go! Imagine your local park or a beach just for you two!

    Youre not too late to book a trip away!

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