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    What are people’s thoughts on Christmas stockings? My ex has my son for Christmas morning this year and I have him at lunchtime. He has asked me to not do a Stocking at mine, so he only has one at his house, then he’d swap next year so I did the stocking as I have him in the morning. I’m reluctant to do this, as when he gets to mine there will probably be my partner’s two kids opening theirs (my partner also has them from lunchtime so we’d do presents together when they got here).

    Any thoughts welcome – I don’t think there’s a right or wrong here, but the thought of not doing a stocking for my 4 y/o is breaking my heart a little!

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    I can’t understand why your ex wouldn’t want you to put out a stocking? I think it’s completely up to you and as your partner’s children will have stockings in would be unfair for your lo not to have one.


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    I would do the stocking. For the first time last year my son was with my ex in Christmas Day. I wrote to Santa and explained and he let me have a second Christmas Day where he visited, left presents and filled stockings.

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    Life your own life.
    Be your own person.

    If you let anyone dictate to you then you give permission to those to forever dictate to you.

    Be happy. If you’re not happy then you can’t make anyone else happy.

    Be honest !  No need to shout in anger just share your feelings that are 100% valid. But remember that only you can allow your feelings to be shared.

    Have integrity. Do the right thing for you.

    Love and Light to You!

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    Hi, last year was the first year my kids spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day morning at their Dads. We hung stockings here and when they got here at2pm that was what we did, they wanted to open them on my bed as we have always done. It worked well and they didn’t question it as this is their home. Good luck with it all. It’s not an easy time of year.

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    I think your ex partner is being rather childish,it is a stocking and something special you would both be doing for your little one.

    It is up to you whether you would want a stocking not your ex partner. I think kids will see it as why didn’t I get one at mum/dad house. X

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    Why not put the items in a pillow Case to fashion a sack and leave on bed for morning

    ou can also buy reusable jute sack bag from £  shops. I did this for my niece’s and when they went into living  there was a stocking that the parents had to put together. I put an orange and £ coin in bag with smaller items

    What is the point of argue ing over a stocking! Life is too short !


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    Thank you for the replies – I’ve decided to do a stocking, especially as he now has him from the 20th to the 25th.


    Also – big thank you @Stacey Hampson. It’s very true – I need to be better at not being dictated to. It’s just a habit that’s hard to break after 11 years and one I know and can plainly see I struggle with. He is very used to dictating exactly how it should be TO me, and I always use to agree. It’s a horrible feeling and a mental battle to break through it and realise I don’t have to any more.

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    It took me a long time to trust in my judgement of what is best for my child rather than capitulating to the ex to keep the peace.

    Santa doesn’t play favourites! he comes to both houses.


    I wonder if Santa has anything in his sack for insecure ex’s?

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    @RobBob I like to think he has a lesson or two stored in there! 😉

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