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    Hi I am new here and in desperate need of advise.  My husband and I have been having problems for the last few months as my husband suddenly started telling me his feelings for me had.  I really cannot tell what is going on with him he seems very down all the time but is reluctant to do anything to work on himself or try to fix our marriage.  He spends most of his time away from home but has fallen short of actually sorting out anything for actually separating which to be honest is the last thing I want as I love him very much.  However today he has told me he doesn’t want to do a family Christmas at my parents.  He will open presents with the kids and then go wherever he wants.  None of my family know anything about it as I didn’t want anyone taking sides while he decides what he wants and I have shielded the kids from it all,  but the thought of them being devastated on Christmas Day when they find out what’s going on breaks my heart.  I have tried to talk him into putting up with it for Christmas but he doesn’t want to.  Is there any advise anyone has for me or anyone gone through something similar ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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