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    Hey guys

    Hope you are all well. Havent been on this for a while had a bit of a break

    So it looks like im spending Christmas at home just me and my son. Havent had a dinner invite bit gutted tbh and I’ve just approached the subject with my boyfriend who I’ve been seeing for 3 months and he doesnt seem bothered im a little upset to not have any plans

    Would have been nice an invite somehwere but no. So im on the verge of telling everyone to do one but where will that get me. Said to my boyfriend he could come herebut he hving dinner at his Mums where he lives and says she doesnt want guests atm so I not invited there. Im not one for imposing but even the thought from someone to say dya wanna come round

    Then I’m thinking invite my Mum round here maybe. Do a lasagne but guess she will probs wanna stay home so i dunno its me and my boy. Wanna make it special for him but im feeling down so it reflects on him

    Feeling like all it is is arguing with my boyfriend and its draining me tbh. When i get upset he doesnt know what to say and doesnt seem arsed then he making stupid comments in texts and ive really had enough of it. It may be over before it really got anywhere

    Anyway guys sorry to go on. Just seeing how everyone else feels about Christmas

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    You mentioned your mum. Will she be alone Christmas day? If so I expect she’d only be too happy to spend it with you. Or any close friends? If you explain your situation I’m sure someone would be happy to have you over. If you were one of my friends I’d be only too happy to have you over.

    Even if it is just you and your son, you can still make it a nice day. I’m sure you don’t feel like it, but make it special for him. You can still do a Christmas dinner, get a few board games etc. Sometimes you have to try and make the best of a bad situation, for your kids if not yourself.

    I usually love Christmas, however this year I’m dreading it. To be honest I’d be quite happy to cancel! But the kids love it so I know I have to paint on my fake smile and make sure they have a nice day. I know boxing day will be an awful day, the kids will be with their dad and I imagine I’ll be home alone. And I cant even drown my sorrows as I’m pregnant lol. But I know I’ll get through it, it’s only one day.

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    Hi Emma

    Thank you for reading my little moan fest. My Mum isnt on her own she got her fella and they just having a stew on Christmas day.

    Ive spoke to my fella he will stay Christmas eve and Christmas night so im not really on my own and tbh i dont like eating dinner early so i will make tea about 5pm as normal. Yes even after how i feel i decided to not let it affect me so much as my little boy deserves a fun filled Christmas and if Mummy isnt happy he will notice. No chance me and him are going to have a great day. We did Christmas on our own last year as we moved out my Mums so i was proud of myself did a little party tea

    I will either make a lasagne or do roast potatoes, pie, gravy, veg, Yorkshire puddings and maybe even pigs in blankets so apart from the meat basically a dinner haha

    Hope you have a good time and congrats on your pregnancy. How many kids do you have? Yes they will be excited hey, im constantly looking at toys but think he got enough for now. He only 2 he flits in and out of interest in things

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    I will have my daughter until lunchtime Christmas day and get her back boxing night. Will go to my parents christmas afternoon. Will be very strange whatever, feel like i am stepping back in time..glad me and my ex are separate but first christmas will be hard on my own.  Keeping busy will be key.  Hope you both have a lovely day whatever with your little ones🙂x

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    It will be my first Christmas in a new place on my own too. I’ll have my son for the morning and then he goes off with his mum for the next couple of days. Part of me is looking forward to having the space (as I home educate my son and look after him around 80% of the time) but it will be strange too. I might try and go for a walk if the weather’s not too bad. I hope you all find a way to have a good day whatever you do.

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    Enjoy xmas anyway you can. Dont worry too much about the whole thing. Im going to spend the whole time with those who are closest to me. The kids. I know you will enjoy it. Find YOUR way. Ignore the rest of the world. Take it easy Bro x

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    Now i feel like i shouldnt moan. As i will be with my fella and my son. Literally just my fella be home for his lunch then come back later on

    Hope you all get time to relax and enjoy too. Few festive drinkies and mince pies will help us along haha

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    Hi. Potatoes pie and gravy sounds so delicious right now. Although i will be spending christmas at the in laws where there will be the wifes whole family there (yay! Great lol).

    Only pop into see my parents so they can see the kids and swap presents. Only ever been to my parents once for christmas the 13 yrs i  been married. So its same old for me.

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    Hey James

    Is it a Turkey roast on the menu then? Yeah i will think of something my son just like chips with anything haha. He will eat potatoes and gravy but no veg, he picks the bits and hands then back if put veg on his plate

    Have you done all your shopping?

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