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    Just looking for suggestions for Xmas and birthday arrangements.

    Ex husband walked out in jan, we have 2 sons one who is 3 and the other is 19 weeks. He walked out when I was pregnant and wasn’t there for the birth.

    Ex has been emotionally and finically abusive, doesn’t pay the correct cm and now he’s accepted a new job contact is little bit all over the place depending on his shifts. He currently has ds 1 2 nights a week. I know the obvious response to that would be to go to court/apply for CSA but the emotional abuse and threats about taking the boys off me has frightened me too much.

    I suggested that boys stay at home Xmas eve and Xmas day and he collects the late afternoon Xmas day and full day Boxing Day. I also said he could take them for a few hours on Xmas day. He wants us to do alternate years and I’m not not agreeing to it. He works alternate Christmas and we live local to each other – there’s no need for either of us to not spend Christmas with them.

    Christmas has never ment anything to him – he’s worked 2 out of 3 of our eldest. He’s doing this to hurt me. I want the boys to be able to enjoy Xmas day home and have their own traditions like I did as a child. I just feel like I settle to his demands all the time and it’s not fair. The thought of the youngest being with him on his urgh day when he refused to be there for his birth makes me feel literally sick 🙁

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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