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    Hi I’m a 46 year old Mum of a 10 year old daughter we have no other family and am currently not working due to illness. Any ideas what to do for Christmas please? Struggling this year and she’s a darling girl 😢 We are in Bedfordshire

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    im sorry to hear this, could you use food bank? or speak to local charities for help? maybe your daughters school could help if you voice your concerns for her over christmas? x

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    Me and my boy are on our own for christmas too no friends or family well I have some friends but they not been to visit us since moving here 2 years ago! But they them sort of friend who say things but dont mean it ie they like to look good!

    Christmas is a tough one for us people go on about family having fun etc but it’s anything other then how others describe.

    We have like a party tea christmas eve while watching a movie.

    My son has autism and have to do things set ways. Christmas day we have breakfast ge opens his few pressies and play some card games, go for a walk if I can get him out of the door. For Christmas dinner we have at normal teatime we get a chicken as turkeys are far to big, we put everything in bowls and sit down and do self service, pull crackers tell those jokes then what ever my boy wants to do.

    Boxing day my son sees it you get rid of boxes christmas over and he takes decs down we have up it’s like christmas never happened.

    You think as time goes on it would get easier but it doesnt just got to carry on for our children. I’m in northwest

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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