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    Hi guys

    my ex took me to court to get a child arrangement order which we sorted out

    my 10 year old daughter won’t tell him about anything about her eg starting horse riding lessons etc as she is scared of his reaction

    hes told her that if she doesn’t see him I will go to prison!

    there’s so much

    Any ideas what to do?

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    Omg what a nincompoop.What a fool.

    Someone needs to tell him he might win the battle but he’s well on his way to losing the war.

    Of course she won’t tell him anything now,she’s probably scared of the effect of anything she says! Can you get anything from your solicitor or anyone ‘official’ to show her that he can’t get you arrested for her not seeing you? You’re not the first person on here saying the ex is telling the kids that btw.

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    I’ve explained it all to her and I’ve explained that he can not say things like that

    shes 10 so she knows what’s going on

    i just wana explode at him but I know I won’t get anywhere

    i wana try do it the right way by a formal way just don’t know where to start tbh

    i don’t want him messing with her head anymore


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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