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    Hello Everyone

    I am looking for some advice I have a four-year-old daughter whose behaviour is  unacceptable I’m starting to struggle she doesn’t doesn’t  listen to me  at all and I’m now starting to getting told to f**k off and shut my mouth , I believe that she has got this from her dad but every time I have spoken  to her about it she just thinks it’s funny and it’s getting to me a little bit. Please help

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    my son’s behaviour has spiralled out of control since his dad left 2 years ago. I am at breaking point. I’ve self referred to early help and they are now assisting me. They come into your home and work on a strategy with you. Maybe this is an option for you? Good luck!

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    Your daughter is copying someone, either her dad or someone at his house, or possibly something unsuitable on tv.

    At 4 she is doing it to get a reaction. You have already told her calmly to stop. Now just ignore it. Don’t react, don’t look cross or upset, act as if it didn’t exist. She will soon get bored and move onto something new.

    You could try distracting her, get her a children’s fun poems book and teach her one of those instead.

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    Hello all


    thank you for all your suggestions and advice I am going to put some of them into a into action what I have already done is taken away her tablet and I’ve taken away Netflix and I’ve said to her that when she can behave and talk to me nicely then she can have them back.


    so far we have had a couple of tantrums if she’s asked for her tablet back but I have literally just walked away and let her get on with it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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