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    Hi, I split up with my ex nearly a year ago, our daughter is 6 and in full time school. I recently went through cms as my ex stopped the money we had agreed on each month. He has a good job and earns a decent wage so the cms money is double what we had agreed so he isn’t happy. The Arrangement was she stayed with him every weekend for 1-2 nights and had tea there twice a week. I wanted to drop it to 1 tea a week as homework wasn’t getting done on time or by him so I felt like I needed them extra few hours to get it all done, there are reading books, spellings and homework each week. This is when it all kicked off. He decided he now wants it every other weekend so he has more time with his new partner and he still wants her twice during the week but doesn’t want to feed her as he already pays cms. We went through mediation and made a parent plan to comprise, one week he has her once for tea and the next he has her twice. It also stated he was to bring her home between 6-7pm the nights she with him be that to sleep or for tea. 6 days after the plan was made he wanted to change it and text to bring her home dinner time Sunday as he didn’t want to pay to feed her. He also is still refusing to feed her mid week after sitting in mediation and agreeing to the plan. I have said I don’t mind going back and changing the plan on a Sunday to her coming back at dinner time. But I want it in writing and made legal to stop all this back wards and forwards shit. I’ve also said if he wants her for tea he gives her tea. He thinks I’m totally in the wrong for saying this as he pays me to provide for her and I’m refusing?



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