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    My husband & I separated in January but were still living together (he has been unemployed for a year now). I’ve asked him to stay with his parents on a few occasions to give me some space. The last of which was on mothers day weekend & he ended up staying to help with parents with the lockdown. He did a few zoom chats in the 1st few weeks but not for 4 weeks. He does reply to most the emails I get them to sent to him & we have sent pictures & letters. I’ve tried to get him to set up 3 weekly zoom chats but he’s not answering any of my messages.

    He asked at the beginning if the kids could come & stay with him & his parents (his dad is in 60’s but his mum is 75 and suffering from dementia) and I said no due to the lockdown but obviously said it was fine for him to come back & we could take it in turns to look after the children in our house. He’s just emailed again to say that he wants the kids to come & stay as it’s his mums 76th birthday next week. I feel really bad but I can’t let them go whilst we’re in the lockdown. I’m wondering about driving up and letting them spend time socially distanced (his parents live 80 miles/ 90 mins from us) from them but I am not comfortable with them staying there. He’s obviously really suffering (he suffers from depression) but it’s too big a risk.

    Please tell me I’m doing the right thing as I feel really mean.

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    Correct me if I’m wrong but the gov guidelines would support what he is asking for surely? It’s been said that parents  should continue to share custody during lockdown. It’s a new situation for you guys but I would assume it still applies for any situation in which you would otherwise share custody.

    Unless there is another reason you’re concerned?

    Stay safe x

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