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    What is the situation with children and each parents support bubble?

    My ex and I each have our own support bubble.

    A mutual friend is (unfortunately) my ex’s support bubble. She also happens to live on my road.

    She messaged me tonight to say she is going to my ex’s tomorrow and and could I drop some bits at her house of stuff my youngest forgot and wants.

    Now I thought that you could only be in one support bubble and that included children too (they are primary school age).

    We are in tier 4 if that helps.

    Does anybody please know what the rules are regarding children moving between their parents support bubbles?

    I’m in a real pickle!

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    There’s some good information on the government website about this.

    Regarding children moving between your household and theirs, this is fully permissable and does not constitute a support bubble. As single parents you are each allowed to form a support bubble separate to this with one other family. The website states that you are eligible to form a support bubble if “you are a single adult living with one or more children who are under the age of 18 or were under that age on 12 June 2020”.

    I have a support bubble myself but when I have my children in my care I don’t spend time with the person in my support bubble. I think your question is regarding the children doing just that?

    I think according to the rules this is permissible but I suggest you check out the website (just google “ support bubble” and you should find an article called Making a support bubble with another household)

    I hope you find the information you’re looking for and it puts your mind at ease x



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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