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    I am in the process of divorce… My X has stopped paying any kind of maintenance claiming that as long as we haven’t signed anything, he is not paying for anything.

    Obviously I am super stressed as I work part time and mostly look after the chulchil.

    I have been debating with myself and would be happy to use your advice- should I explain to the children why we cannot buy / do things we used to do or just say that I don’t have money at the moment?

    I am really struggling to deal with this from all perspectives… Advice will be appreciated.


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    I would email him that if the maintenance isn’t in your account within 24 hours you will open a claim with the CMS. Then do it!

    Re the children. At this point I wouldn’t mud sling. It’s obviously still All new and they have enough to contend with.

    Are you claiming all benefits you’re entitled to?

    I have always taught my child we have to be careful with money and that means saying no to treats and other things . That in itself is an important life lesson. But don’t say because of your dad as that isn’t fair nor strictly true as arguably you could also work more hours etc…..imagi im if that’s what dad was saying to them is the reason they don’t get treats…..

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    Hello, if your ex is refusing to pay maintenance or the correct amount of maintenance, then straight to CMS, pay the £20 fee and opens case with them. They will then pursue this matter on your behalf

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    Thank you.

    I have done that already and it is in a process…

    Just need to deal with the children asking for things that I cannot buy anymore.. 🙁

    not sure how to deal with them best. 🙁

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