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    I am in the process of divorce… My X has stopped paying any kind of maintenance claiming that as long as we haven’t signed anything, he is not paying for anything.

    Obviously I am super stressed as I work part time and mostly look after the chulchil.

    I have been debating with myself and would be happy to use your advice- should I explain to the children why we cannot buy / do things we used to do or just say that I don’t have money at the moment?

    I am really struggling to deal with this from all perspectives… Advice will be appreciated.


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    Hello, if your ex is refusing to pay maintenance or the correct amount of maintenance, then straight to CMS, pay the £20 fee and opens case with them. They will then pursue this matter on your behalf

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    Thank you.

    I have done that already and it is in a process…

    Just need to deal with the children asking for things that I cannot buy anymore.. 🙁

    not sure how to deal with them best. 🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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