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    I have recently removed my 16 month old daughter from her childminders care due to them calling me at work constantly telling me my daughter had ‘projectile vomitted or had diarrhoea’ (they are a husband and wife team). I would leave work immediately to collect her as you do. When I arrive my little girl would be in just her vest and her clothes would be in a bag so I would dress her in her spare things, and take her home. When I went into the bag with her soiled clothes they were immaculate and my daughter never showed signs of any sickness. First time I gave them the benefit of the doubt but then it became a regular thing. I work in a school and hadn’t done a full weeks work since the start of term (September) as my daughter was allegedly always I’ll. I spoke to the childminders expressing to them she shows no sign of this at home and that every time I get called out I do not get paid for parental leave. I also caught them out letting my daughter sleep all day too. She would be up playing all night but slept normally when with me at weekends a couple of times when I collected her from there her nappy hadn’t been changed. I am on a term time contract and in their policy it said that they do not take holidays unless its in half term as they do not take their kids out of school but they took leave in term time so I was asked to look for alternative care I just took the time off as I have no one to have her. This has caused me to have a horrendous attendance at work so i went to see my boss to explain what had been going on she was brilliant and has given me a month to sort out better childcare but is unpaid which i understand. I am in the process of looking at nurseries as i have been put off childminders now. I called up the childminder and told her i will no longer be using her as i have taken a career break and not sure when i will return to work i just didnt want the hassle she seemed fine but when i got my final bill i was flabbergasted. I finished my daughter 17th of this month so as i pay in advance i was expecting to pay 2 weeks to cover 4 weeks notice but this woman has charged me two weeks at full rate which is different to term time contract and 7 days holiday pay! I am fuming i feel punished. My mum said I should not pay them as they didn’t do their job properly but I cannot take the stress I just want them gone but they have left me broke with all this as I have no wage and now I have to find another deposit for alternative childcare. Is there anything I can do? Is my mum right?

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