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    hi ladies, ok so I’m a single mum from wales, and my son is 2, I’m due to start part time work soon but I’m struggling so badly and don’t understand how the childcare works!

    I claim universal credit and I get this paid every month, in order to go to work I have to upfront the money for the childcare and then I get it reembursed every month…so for a full week Monday to Friday full time childcare it costs £235 i’d need this every single week, I can’t afford to pay a months childcare in advance and I can just about afford to get the £235 for one week and that’s only because of a budgeting advance. So my question is how do single mums do this? How did you all start and manage to pay childcare? How do they expect single parents to upfront and find that kind of money until they get it back? If I had £235 lying round every week I deffo wouldn’t be claiming benefits!! Or if someone could explain a bit more into the childcare element that would be great!!


    i don’t qualify for flying start***

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    Hi. I’m going through this myself at the moment,. I started work last week, and had to front up 120 for child care for my two, .  This week I’m lucky to say my company have been good saying to work that’s affordable for me,til they go back to school..  I’m paying out 60 this week, and next , but I’ve spent my universal credits, so I’m starting to struggle, til I get it reimbursed atvendvof month, which is a long way off.   it is very hard, .have you asked universal credits for a advanced payment, if you’ve not already had one Ur be untitled to one..   I wish you the bes…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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