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    With tonight’s government guidelines on lockdown, can anyone advise what I’m supposed to do with my children when I have to do essential shopping or attend medical appointments? They are aged 10 and 8 and I don’t think they should be left at home on their own. My mother would normally watch them but obviously she’s not allowed in my house. I have a smear test on Friday following a scare 6 months ago so I need to attend this appointment. Any advice appreciated.

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    It’s tricky. I would call your GP to ask about attending with your kids. I think as long as they don’t have symptoms they should be ok to be left in the waiting room while you have your procedure. You wouldn’t want them in the room with you..!

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    Hi I feel for you it’s very tricky. I personally wouldn’t leave them in waiting room for two reasons 1 I feel still too young although u know your kids amd theor experience and 2 too too young to not touch anything or keep 2 meters away from others! Corona wise. I would take them in with me as you will have the smear behind the curtain. They can stand by the door for the couple minutes it takes to have it done. Just say you need a quick check up. Call ahead though they might reschedule for 3 weeks time if that’s possible although you mention it being urgent. Definitely don’t leave them at home.

    I’m not looking forward to shopping with toddlers as they will slow me down and go up to people. Wondering how long I can stay home completely!

    All the best in this impossible challenge xxx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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