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    Hi There,

    I am the primary carer of my two children, the youngest is only 19months old and has a childminder 2.5days a week which I pay for. However, in September I am looking to increase my hours of work as I’m planning to buy a house and will need to increase work to pay the bills.  The kids dad pays a minimal weekly maintenance which barely covers anything but is in line with CMA. If we were together he would have to contribute to child care. Is he not obliged to contribute towards childcare on top of maintenance.


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    Hi EAppleton

    I am the primary carer for my son and his father refuses to help with his childcare and will only give me a pitiful amount for maintenance as such, I went through Universal Credit and they help with up to 85% of his nursery bills, which is a massive help as I wouldn’t be able to afford to have my home, let alone my son go to nursery.

    I would look into this, if you can and then you will know he cant hold it over you.




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    Nope, he only needs to pay the maintenance amount.
    if he had to arrange childcare on the days he has them, then he’d have to pay for that care, but not days that they are with you.

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    Thanks Lou1979, that’s good to know about Universal Credit helping with childcare. I’ll look into that.

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