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    I live in Edinburgh with the children and my ex lives in Bristol with his girlfriend and her children. (He has recently moved in with them during COVID) He didn’t see the children at Easter. We agreed a visit at the end of June. He informed me by phone that he would be taking the children to his parents house in Buckinghamshire for the three week visit, and that he would move there 7 days before visit to isolate from one house hold to another. I said on phone this sounded reasonable. I have now just received an email, stating that he will be taking the children to his girlfriends house (she works in intensive care in a children’s ward, according to him) for 4 nights and then on to his parents house for the rest of the time!
    I have never met her and have no idea what her address is. I am not happy about him doing this. But I would like to know under current government guidelines can he do this?

    it means the children would be in contact with his girlfriend and two children and then grandparents and his sister and boyfriend who stay at that house, so in total 7 people at least.

    my parents are well over seventy and vulnerable I currently live with them, and they are concerned about this also.

    can I tell him that the children can only go to one extra house hold?
    I just need some advise on this please.



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