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    Hi! My child has been told to self isolate as someone in her form has tested positive for Covid. My child does not have any symptoms and is due to spend the next few days with her dad. However her dad is now saying that he can’t have her as she’s got to isolate and that he will get into trouble if he does have her, I’ve no idea what to do and I can’t seem to find any information anywhere! I can’t afford to be off work hut I also can’t leave my child home alone…can anyone offer any advice and also would my daughter still be able to go to her dads? TIA x

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    If she has been told to self isolate and you have to stay home with her you should be able to claim sick pay for the time you have off as you could say you have to self isolate too because of the situation, it’s not much but better than nothing, alternatively you could get her tested.

    If her dad hasn’t had any contact with her since she’s been told to self isolate then it makes sense for her to stay with you in case she has got it then she could theoretically also give it to him.  It’s a rubbish situation but I don’t think there is any sort of set rule for this.

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    I am in the same situation. My son has been told to self isolate because his teacher was positive and because he is only 8 I stayed at home to look after him. His dad can’t and don’t want to help.

    After one week of researching I can confirm that there is nothing for single parents like us.

    I can’t claim SSP for Covid-19 because I wasn’t in contact with positive and my son is not positive. I tested him. I can’t get sick note from GP for looking after him because he is not positive. I tried to claim the Test and Trace support but I have been declined because it is not for parents who are looking after children who has to self isolate but are not positive. So government expect us to stay at home for nothing and look after our children but there is nothing in place. I can’t even pay for baby sitter and go to work because of the self isolation rules. I have no family members nobody who can help me. The government has no money to help single parents but got enough money for social service to come to my house to check if my son is self isolating.

    Be prepared to use food banks if you struggle with food. Because this is the only help you might get. And God bless us. I have 3 children the age under 3. I can’t work from home and if I have to look after them when the school is not able to have them, I have no idea how I will manage.

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    I’ve just had this too, got paid this time under nhs policy but that’s a one time thing so I’ve no idea what to do when they close again which I’m sure they will x I will be on unpaid x

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