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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone can help me in finding a child therapy support group, that specialises in a child being disowned by another parent.

    My 6 year son, has mild ASD.

    unfortunately he has been disowned by his  narcissist father, my ex partner.
    My son is finding it hard, to overcome the different emotions he is feeling regarding this extremely difficult situation for him.

    I have spoken to my GP for advice, my GP stated it maybe a case of my son being put on a over 2 year long waiting list, via child development centre with my borough hospital.

    I have never been in this situation, but I can’t stand seeing my son being heartbroken anymore, or know how to support, and to nurture my son to heal from this.


    I would appreciate any advice that may help!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    Gingerbread Alex

    Hi Caz7,

    I’m sorry to hear about the situation with your son and his father. You may find it helpful to contact an organisation called YoungMinds. YoungMinds provides information and advice about mental health and emotional wellbeing for children, young people and their carers – Helpline 0808 802 5544, website

    You may also find some other helpful information on our website by clicking on the link below.

    Best wishes,




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    I referred my son to Barnados healthy minds project for our county. He is attending a 6 week course at the moment with other kids after school to discuss emotions, anxiety etc. You can self refer. He is enjoying that.

    I agree ref the wait. I spoke to my g.p ref support for my child’s anxiety after alot of disruption in his life. There is a huge wait. There are therapy services that will offer a discount rate. He is only 6 so may be difficult at his age being so young. Have you spoken to the school, they seem like the best place. Some have assigned counsellors or something like that.

    All you can do is listen, listen, listen and be there for him. Support him and get him around other people who care for him or with friends. Look after yourself too. It’s alot for you to get through yourself as well as supporting your son.

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    Thank you both so much for your replies, and also giving myself, the above info/link, and advice!

    I will definitely be resourcing both.

    Much appreciate,

    Kind Regards.

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