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    Hi my daughter is 14 and until 3 years ago her dad never wanted to know her. He didn’t even tell his family about her. He started seeing her 3 years ago and said that she is the most important person in his life and will come first. However early last year he got a new girlfriend and has not been as involved. He came to visit recently after not seeing her for 4 months and only talked about his upcoming holiday next year and his girlfriend’s 2 daughters (they are at university) and what they need to get for them (new iphones x and computers). My daughter is upset as when she asks for anything he says he has no money. His partner sends all hers back to Thailand for her daughters. I asked him for child support and he says he can only afford £60 a month which will barely feed and clothe her. I don’t know if to let him continue to see her as he upsets her with his talk and if to tell him him he needs to pay more.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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