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    Hi, my 10 year old son has really struggled with school since I can remember and his now in his final year before secondary school. I am extremely worried for him as he flys off the handle more often than not rather than telling me his concerned or struggling with something. This happens most days and the only good thing is its very rarely at school (although not so good for his siblings). I have asked the school for help yet then tend to brush it off and ignore the problems going on and if this carries on being the case I’m scared he won’t make it through secondary school… Any ideas, help, suggestions or advice would be really appreciated. Kind regards Tony

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    Get him involved in a hobby he likes and enjoys then set him a challenge you know he can do slowing pushing him to do better then when I kicks again remind he can achieve his goals and you can ask for help…

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    Build a bike buy cheap bike look a what it needs research how to do it then he can ask you to buy parts and you can do it together then tell him life and everything else is the same just a project is the same tell me the problem and your idea and we can do it together

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    my 11 year old just started secondary and the last year at primary felt challenging as he to struggled but was always in problems with the teachers… it helps if you try and build a good relationship with the teachers. They did my head in but I was always quick to try and work with them so that they would see how hard I was trying… Also the idea from Jayi  about the hobby is good my son goes to dance which I feel makes a difference.

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    Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried things like that but he does have a very short attention span and his maths is at a year 3 level bless him. I’ve tried getting him involved in things yet there is no desire from his part. I’ve also constantly been working with on having relationships with the teachers but it seems to make no difference what so ever and it’s really sad for him. My mum used to work in a special needs department at a school and she’s said herself that he shows autistic tendencies and behaviour yet the school skim straight past this every time.

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    First find what he likes he sounds like me I have very short attention span but when I found something I enjoy I can stop trying so find what it is for him mine was electronics maybe he feels underestimated find him his path and run with him for awhile and enjoy it your his net catch him

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