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    Hello, I’m new to all this, my husband walked out 2 weeks ago.. he still sees our son but my son knows he’s not living with us now, on a few occasions my son has been sleepwalking (I think) and then just weeing in the corner somewhere, if I ask him why he’s doing it he just cries whilst he’s doing it, then I can never get anything out of him, so hard to get him to change his pjs aswell, tonight he did it he walked to the bathroom and then stood behind the door crying whilst weeing, the only words he said was ‘I want daddy to live here with us’ other than that was it constant crying, for about 30mins, managed to change his top but he fell back asleep with a blanket over his face with no pants or trousers on. I don’t know what to do, my hearts breaking for him, neither of us wanted or deserved this 😭

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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