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    Hi, my 17yr old son is starting a paid apprenticeship soon which will mean that he won’t be classed as in full time education and all benefits will be affected. It’s a great move for him, he’s been at college full time since he left compulsory education but I’m worried what impact it’ll have on income and outgoings for the household.

    He will be on under £180 a week so low paid, so I think I’m right in saying that for council tax purposes he won’t be classed as an adult even when he turns 18, as long as his income doesn’t exceed £195?

    I’m on legacy benefits due to myself being diabled and on IR Esa and PIP so that will remain in place.

    Has anyone found that where they once were able to get full housing benefit that when their child started apprenticeship the council assumed that there’s a full time income coming in and stop the help? I’m happy in the knowledge my council tax won’t just suddenly just hike up, but can’t find info on rent. He won’t be 18 for 10 months, so I think I’m safe til then, but not 100% certain.

    With child benefit I know that they do a run on, I think it’s 20 weeks once yiu inform them that a child leaves full time education. Tax credits I’m assuming will stop as soon as I inform them. I’m worried that they might say I then owe them money. Hopefully it won’t be too bad given we have only just started the new financial year.

    Anyone with experience of this that can say how it works so I know what to expect please?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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