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    Hi, I wondered if anyone has ideas on what I can do… My child has increasing difficulties visiting other parent every other weekend for 2 nights. It’s a long trip, her relationship with the step parent has deteriorated over the past 3/4 years resulting in a family meeting there least year as it was becoming an issue for all in that household. She’s tried again returning several times but just gets upset and very anxious. I’m at a point where I feel like I don’t want to force her into a scenario that she finds difficult. I’ve always spoken positively and tried to encourage her to go. She now point blank refuses. Her dad won’t speak to me probably because he feels I should make her go (she’s 10) and I think he’s waiting for me to solve the issue by telling her to visit. My idea was to encourage maybe just the two of them to meet up to gain trust again to try and move forward but feel like it all falls on me to sort out… Anyone have similar issues, what have you tried to do?

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    Hi ,

    You could try meditation ?

    My son won’t sleep or vist his dads home but is happy to see his dad at local parks for few hours every 2 weeks.


    So my ex taking me back to court, 4 breaking our courtt order, yet neither me or my ex can get our son to leave with him on a Friday night he last went to stsy june last year….im surpost magically make him go but this magic wand dont work!

    He was 10 last oct n very subborn his dad is 30 mins away but my son is not comfortable at his dad n partners home.

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    Ella B

    Hey, I split with my husband 3 months ago, my 8 year old stays with me 4 nights a week and with him 3 nights a week. For the past 3 weeks she’s been telling me she doesn’t want to go to her Dad’s and I’m doing my best to encourage her and make it seem appealing but it’s getting harder every week. I don’t want to tell him because he’ll think I’m just being vindictive, but I feel guilty for sending her. I think at age 10 your daughter probably knows her own mind and you’re doing the right thing having her Dad talk to her directly so that she can explain to him how she feels and he should be doing his best to make her feel welcome. It’s a tricky situation so don’t beat yourself up, it sounds to me like you’re making every effort to keep everyone happy.

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    Thanks for ideas! I do feel that a 10 year old knows her own mind. Her dad left us when she was 6 months so I’ve persevered for close to a decade… This just seems to be heading in a direction where I am trying but feel that she is taking over. I’ve remained consistently taking her, as a younger child she went more because we lived closer so that in itself has provided it’s challenges for all. But we’ve continued every two weeks and more time at holidays… But she’s settling with friends here, family and it’s tough for her to uproot regularly. Appreciate other stories and take… Always open minded…


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