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    Step daughter is now 16 and due to the behaviour of her dads wife she no longer wishes to visit him. She feels very harassed by the wife and is constantly upset to the point where i now feel her mental health us deteriorating. There is a court order in place so that the daughter must see him for 4 days out of 14. All contact with her dad and very controlling wife has been blocked by them. There is no contact other than through the children so the issue cannot even be discussed with her dad by us. So my question is how or if we can stop the daughter going there when she doesnt want to?

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    I think you need to go to social services first then apply through court. She is big enough to give her view.

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    the child is 16 and can decide whether she wants to go or not.

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      <li style=”text-align: right;”>Is seeing her dad like a prison sentence- I mean by law does she Have to go? Can’t she just not turn up at her age? If he has a problem  that he can’t get his wife to behave then I would think he doesn’t really deserve  to see her.
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    With your daughter being 16 years of age if she doesnt wish to go then she doesnt have to. No family court will do anything about it as shes too old now for an order to be made.

    Same with a child arrangements order , you could have your kids a lot of time when they are young. However once they reach their teenage years contact sometimes becomes a lot less as they are doing other things in life. They probably hardly see their own mum either. As a dad its potluck how long your kids see you on a regular basis once they hit teenage years and impossible to predict when they are young.

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