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    Hi everyone. I have been getting child maintenance via the CMS for my 18 year old twins. Their dad has been paying it via direct pay. Out of the blue , a couple of weeks ago, I had a letter from CMS , saying that he is now on the ‘nil rate’  as he’s not working.  The letter also said that he’s in arrears of £1200, which I wasn’t aware of. This was a huge shock. He hadn’t told me this was going to happen. I knew he’d finished a temporary contract, but that was it. He earns a lot of money  when he does work-around £100,000 per annum. I think he’s being very deceptive with CMS and hasn’t disclosed his savings.  He has always had  lots of savings  and seems to be in no hurry to get another job, so I think he must have quite a bit stashed away. He has a house worth about£500,000, which he owns, but doesn’t live in most of the time( he just comes to stay every couple of weeks, to see his children). He lives with his girlfriend in her house, has a car and 2 holidays planned. He apologised for not telling me about the nil rate, but said that he would still give some child maintenance’ ‘at my discretion.’ He said some of it he would give to the children, to get them used to managing their money for university, which they will hopefully go to in September, the rest, he would give  to me. He said  he’d confirm amounts later.
    I know what  he’s doing. Trying to take control, so he doesn’t have to pay what CMS says he should. I’m applying to get a variation. He used to be self employed and I found his company on Companies House. Although it’s being liquidated, he made a lot of money and think some of it has gone into his savings. I also have the details of his financial situation from when we were divorced 5 years ago. He has 4 pensions , shares, AVCs, savings. He’s 52, so can’t get his personal pension until he’s 55, I don’t think.
    I think I have enough evidence for CMS to do something. But my question is, has anyone had any success with getting child maintenance reinstated in any similar situations?
    I feel really angry with him. They are his children and he has the money to support them properly. Thank you 🙏

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    if you think he is hiding income, you could contact CMS about it. But am struggling to understand, the way you wrote about his savings. if he has worked hard for his money, is he not entitled to have any savings? many have suffered financially since the start of covid crisis. if someone was jobless and had no savings to live on, they would struggle massively. seems like has done well for himself, but you want to strip him of all his wealth because you don’t like him?

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