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    I need advice on Child Maintenance survival before my ex wife puts me in cardboard city ?

    This whole thing is ridiculous. Government sponsored persecution & I am sure its deliberate.

    Thanks and regards


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    Go on-line and look up the Child Maintenance Service calculator. Then look for the benefits calculator for your area.

    That will tell you what you can claim depending on your income and what you must provide in child maintenance, depending on what share of childcare you do. Think about your tax free childcare allowance as well.

    You could also find a solicitor who will give you a free half hour. Take a preprepared list of questions so you get the most out of your 30 mins.

    I’m not sure if that helps.

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    I am already paying the required Child maintenance, my former spouse is coming back for more due to my circumstances.

    So I am looking for specific help for a uniques situation. I have already had my fill of the criminal legal profession and the government is at the core of this filthy industry. I am looking for an Advice group of former husbands perhaps – There must be something out there ?

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    I’m sorry for the pressures you face – I find it appalling how this all works – so unfair for so many on both sides.   I am facing the opposite a little… my ex, dad of 8 and 10 year old pays no child maintenance but is living off 100k inheritance – is going sky diving, 4 holidays since feb and won’t go 1/2 on any costs or pay any maintenance – never has and we separated in 2016.  I work 2 jobs, kids in hand me downs a lot of time.  I have to constantly say no to clubs but yet he sees them wed and alternate weekends and goes everywhere – out for dinner,  theme parks.   I’ve tried CMS and nothing so far – he says he is not working.   Its a shocking system…. I hear/read of people who pay good maintenance amounts via CMS for their children and ex’s still complaining they won’t part fund something which is equally as awful.   I am just posting – not sure anyone can recommend or offer ways of resolving.  Its so full of heartache and I yes the legal professional criminals sit in the background waiting to gain from others heartache… so sad.

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    Thanks LouSmith – Yes that sounds very unjust too. It is my belief (and there is plenty of evidence to support this) that TPTB are behind the decay of the nuclear family as well (and the evidence for this is recorded as far back as 1950’s). They achieve it via the TV and Films which are bombarding those of  fragile mind with sexual imagery unsettling the febble minded. In fact Peter Hichens ran an article in the Daily Mail a month ago accusing the BBC of being anti family. When I was growing up there was little or no divorce, people are divorcing now for the most trivial reasons. The black amercian family went from a 90% success rate to as low as 10% after Edgar Hoover and the CIA decided to target black society in the 60s to break up the civil rights movement. No it seems they have decided to use these mind control techniques on all peoples across the western worlds particularly .

    I hope this comment doesnt upset anyone, it isnt meant to, its just where investigations have led me.





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    My ex often claims not to be able to spend time wirh our children due to ‘work’ committments. He paus nothing in child maintenance. We have 4 children, they now live with me all the time, no over night stays at their dad (his choice). I contacted CSA and was told he only has to pay £7.00 in total, as maintenance as apparently he’s on benefits.  I work two jobs to stay afloat, I’m angry and exhausted.  If you have a difficult ex, CSA unfortunately is no help

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