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    I am a bit lost in the child maintenance costings and would love to have some people helping me to figure out those things

    – does it include childcare such as breakfeast and afternoon club fees for school (i work full time)?

    – is it something you receive every month or does it stop during holidays?

    – if we have split half half our holidays and my ex cannot have them and want to use school club do i have to pay if it is not my time?

    – What if my ex does not want to take half the holiday, should he pay toward the school clubs as i wont be able to take myself all the holidays?

    – what if my ex has the kids 1 night per week but also see them for an evening meal, does that count as 2 in the government calculator?


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    They don’t really give specifics of what the amount covers they just assess the paying parent and decide on a figure based on their income.  You should get the same amount every month/week depending when you arrange payment regardless of whether it’s school holidays.  An overnight is literally having them overnight, having them for tea doesn’t count.

    If you want additional help with childcare during the school holidays that is something you will have to arrange with him, unless you have a court order stating he is responsible for a percentage of the childcare costs it’ll probably be left up to you.  Can you claim any help with childcare?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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