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    Hi all I’m new here and been searching for hours trying to find out the relevant information with out luck.


    So ive been paying my ex each month for years with out fail.  The amount I have to pay has reduced recently which I’m sure she isn’t happy about so has claimed I haven’t paid for a while. With out notice I’ve had an attachment of earnings order sent to my employer. I’ve called CMS who tell me I’ve missed a load of payment.s

    I’ve told them this is not true and happy to provide bank statements. So they directed me to the new CMS portal and I’ve uploaded all the proof.

    Nothing has changed since this and no correspondence from them


    And I got a letter saying enforcement charges will be charged every month and collection fees.


    How can they do this , enforcement fees every month and collection fees and these are more then the payment .I’ve tried calling and they just get abusive.



    Any help.


    How long do the fees stay on my payments. How long do enforcement charges last. My payments have tripled.

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    Also to point out I currently have children living with me from my last relationship because the mother had mental health issues and wasn’t able to cope with the children .


    So I have 4 children. 2 I pay child maintained for and 2 who live with me and I’m a single dad

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    Sorry, this sounds rough. I’d look into the complaints procedure and launch a formal complaint, going through all the stages if you aren’t satisfied. Ask how it has been worked out and why your evidence has been disregarded. I’m not sure if they are subject to FoI or data protection, but look into making a subject access request for all information they hold on you to try and ascertain what’s going on. Good luck to you.

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    If I was you I would list all the payments I have ever made- the dates and where you have evidence for it (ie bank statement).

    get them to send you a breakdown of what you should have paid so you can see exactly what you should have paid. Then ring them up again to hopefully get a factual person on the helpline and go through it with them- the few I’ve spoken too seem to have been quite factual and calm if you stick to just the facts.


    good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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