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    I’m fairly new to this site but I’m really looking for some advice about child maintenance.  My husband and I separated over a year ago and he has been paying me the correct amount according to the calculator provided by the service, based on our son spending 1 night per week with him.

    Recently it has been agreed that our son spends /2/3 nights a week with his father which includes two school days.  I suggested that, due to the increased time that our son is spending with his father it may be an idea for us to both have a separate wardrobe for our son so I don’t have to pack a bag full of clean clothes every week.  The response I got basically said that he is paying me a monthly amount of money to cover the cost of clothes, regardless of where our son is, and if I feel it appropriate for our son to have clothes permanently at his father’s house I should reduce the amount of money I get from him.

    Is this correct?  I was under the impression that the money I get every month was for the daily living costs for our son whilst he is with me, therefore if our son needs something when he is with his father, his father should pay?

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


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