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    Hi Laura,

    yes this is the service I am currently using as my ex is self-employed and lying through his teeth!

    They will investigate everything on him and you’ll soon get results! However like I say you have to be pesistant to be put through to them! I usually say that they’ve asked me to call them back and then I get put through lol

    hopefully it helps with your case

    nicole x

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    Hi I told them he was working and had a house and goes out and has money in his house. He does cash in hand so doesn’t declare everything but they didn’t even suggest I could do anything else and so I left it. They were not helpful at all, he wasn’t even forced to do a DNA so for him there is not a shred of proof he is the Dad and so he got what he wants

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    Ahh that seems very unfair! maybe try again and ask for the department that Tuga Amor suggested ? So does he not see his son either?

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    hi all,

    could anyone help me with advice, my girlfriend has a little girl from a past relationship, the girls dad pays around £50 a week towards her upkeep(although he earns £900+ a week) and only has her once every two weeks.

    my girlfriend and i both work full time, her little girl is 8, we are now in the position of needing after school care for a few hours a night, this will cost around £75 a week, my questions are a/ is the little girls dad paying enough and b/ is he liable for any of the after school care?

    thanks in advance people

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    No he didn’t wanna know n never has just called me all kinds n played a few games other month. I don’t rise to him n don’t contact him or spk to anyone he knows.

    He will not get the chance now to see his son but I know He wudnt even want to. Sad hey, my Dad never wanted to be involved in My life I now know from both sides of situation how it feels. Is rly lousy but I know I trust everyone round my son and they love him to bits and wouldn’t ever not be involved


    I am still unsure as to if I open another case he would play games and start harassing me. Do I need tbat hassle for sake of some money which I don’t need, it’s just the principle and fact ppl can have kids but not be involved in any way gets my back up

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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